Pre-Gift Surprise: A Special Gift to Start the Mystery 🎁

We're excited that you've chosen to give the gift of mystery with Detective Mystery Masters. While your main case is being meticulously prepared and shipped for the perfect adventure, we've got something special for you to gift right away!

The Detective's Prelude - A Sneak Peek into Mystery 🌟

Download our "Detective Mystery Masters Prelude" PDF - it's more than just a warm-up for the main case; it's the first step into a thrilling world of sleuthing!

Easy Gifting Options:

  1. Print & Present: Grab the PDF, print it, and wrap up a world of mystery!
  2. Send Digitally: Prefer to email? Simply forward the PDF for an instant dose of intrigue!

👇 Download Your Pre-Gift Surprise Here: DOWNLOAD

A Riddle to Spark Your Detective Instincts 🧩
Your "Detective Mystery Masters Prelude" PDF includes a thought-provoking riddle to set the stage for your upcoming detective adventure.

Riddle Preview:
"In a place where secrets linger and whispers tell tales, an elusive guardian awaits, unseen by day but a beacon by night. It holds the key to both light and shadow. Can you unveil its mystery?"

Looking for the Answer? Here It Is:
The answer to this riddle is "The Moon"
Just like this celestial guardian that reveals itself only after dusk, the mysteries in your upcoming detective case will unfold in intriguing ways, challenging you to observe the unseen and decipher the hidden.

Rest assured
Your full detective case is on its way and will reach you very soon at the address you've provided. Get ready for an adventure full of mystery and intrigue!

Thank you for choosing Detective Mystery Masters. Let the adventure begin!